Moving in to our new office

Creating our new environment!

Moving in to our new office

Here at Quinton Davies we started out small, just the two of us in a start-up office. It would be fair to say space was tight! In time when we took on our accountancy practice consultant, Alex, and our small space started to feel even smaller. With three desks and no movement, we were quickly full.

So, we set out to find a new office that incorporated everything we deemed important on a managed budget. We wanted somewhere that was clean, fresh, modern and airy. We also wanted to find a way to innovate from a health perspective. This had its challenges along the way (procuring reindeer moss is a difficulty we didn’t think we’d face) but was worth it for the end result!

The layout at Bizspace ticked so many of our boxes. The relaxed break out areas, along with showers, kitted out kitchens and proximity to local shops, really fit with the ethos we were trying to achieve. Our main aim with the office was to provide a stress-reducing environment. Our offices have a biophilic design with artificial grass, well-being area and even space for us to grow herbs that we can now put in our daily smoothies! We also loved having the option for music to play through the office, so people can keep their energy high, while noise cancelling headsets block our sounds being heard on calls.

Now we cut to a few months later. We’ve been in this office for a little while, completely settled and at home. This office space has completely invigorated our working environment and we’re eager to see this progress.